Fun Family Time in Rhodes

Rhodes may be experiencing a dry spell, but good times can still be enjoyed here!

Bring the family for a fun, safe and affordable holiday in the mountains.  Don’t forget your mountain bike, running shoes or hiking boots!

(P.S. Bring your raincoat……rain is on the way!)

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Rhodes Bike Rally

Outstanding scenery
Spectacular Autumn
High altitude riding

Rhodes Cottages together with ex biker, avid traveler, teacher and tour guide, Charl Wessells, organized a hugely successful bike rally over the past long weekend in Rhodes.  The bikers explored our mountains and passes and enjoyed the hospitality of strategically planned brunches and dinners en route by our local farming families in the Rhodes, New England, Wartrail and Bokspruit areas.  Talks on our local botany, geology and history were given by some of our interesting characters.   Looking forward to the next one!

Naude’s Nek Pass

Highest Commercial Mountain Pass in South Africa!

Descending the Nek
Mooidraai, almost at the summit

The spectacular Naude’s Nek Pass is the highest commercial mountain pass in South Africa with a summit of over 2,920m above sea level.  The pass connects Maclear with our beautiful, historic village, Rhodes.  A particularly challenging pass to travel in winter when heavy snowfalls are common.  It is recommended that local advice be sought before attempting this pass.