Fun Family Time in Rhodes

Rhodes may be experiencing a dry spell, but good times can still be enjoyed here!

Bring the family for a fun, safe and affordable holiday in the mountains.  Don’t forget your mountain bike, running shoes or hiking boots!

(P.S. Bring your raincoat……rain is on the way!)

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For the love of Art!

Bring your brushes and easel; and paint!  Or visit our Art Gallery with resident artists Tony and Gail Mechanic.  Rhodes is a hideaway for artists, inspiration and creativity flourish here, come and try it!

Art Gallery 1
Gail Mechanic among her vibrant, sought after oils and etchings. Tony’s large landscape pastels depicting fly fishing scenes and our rivers and mountains, grace many of our visitors walls.  The gallery has interesting antiques, nick-knacks and collectables for sale as well as a nursery with the most magnificent indigenous gladioli.




RHODES STOEPSITFEES 2018 … a great success!

The stoeps were all swept and ready for our annual Rhodes Stoepsitfees 2018 last weekend!  Great conversations with the locals were had on the stoeps with food and drinks on offer.  The vibe in the village was really awesome!

Art, photography, piano recitals, wool spinning, pottery, felting, fun run, history chats, spa, open gardens, vegetable market and gin tasting were some of the stoep events on offer.  A highlight was most definitely our special guest Ludwig Taschner, who gave us a serious education on growing and caring for roses and has most generously donated 100 roses to our village.  We look forward to having Ludwig back again next year!

We are also proud to say that our village has been shortlisted for ‘Town of the Year’!

Make sure you book your accommodation in advance for next year’s Stoepsitfees:

   14, 15, 16 February 2019

and come and walk our streets from stoep to stoep, enjoying our characters and what is on offer, we look forward to seeing you!


Eshowe Tour Rhodes

Last week Rhodes Cottages and Linecasters hosted a fantastic group of eight Eshowe folk in Rhodes.  We took them each day of their stay on a tour of the area in the hope of sharing with them the hidden treasures, historic sites, generations old gardens, mountain passes and 4×4 routes of our beautiful, majestic mountains on the southern tip of Lesotho.

The four couples were accommodated in a cluster of up-market houses in the village where most of the meals were catered for by our very capable, local farmer’s wives, who served ‘fine-dining, boerekos!’  A different lady came to the main house to cater each evening for the group, thank you to these ladies, you were all amazing to say the least!


We enjoyed a scenic drive to the Wartrail area where we viewed the magnificent Halstone garden and stone buildings as well as a private museum.  These old, English country gardens are really vast and awe-inspiring.  Funnystone Farm welcomed us for a lunch and tour of their enchanting, delightful garden with natural streams and birch forest.

Local farmers Janbert and Caroline Reeders invited us to observe the old-fashioned sheep shearing techniques taking place on their farm.  Caroline served us tea and cake after admiring her beautiful, lush garden.  We visited her felted crafts shop where local ladies turn wool into wonderful items.

Lynette van den Berg opened her garden to us on her farm near Barkly East.  This was one garden I really wanted to show the group.  Lynette’s vast expansive garden is full to the brim of quirkiness, sculpture and art….a real feast for the eyes and soul!  We ventured on to the Maartenshoek valley where we enjoyed a refreshing lunch in a massive cave which has been turned into a wedding venue by artist and farmer, Sandra Reeders.

The men in the group tested their fly fishing skills on some of our pristine rivers and dams while taking in the scenery and birding.  I enjoyed a walk around the village with the lovely ladies, showing them the historic houses, old hotel, spiral aloe garden and lots of story telling.

What a lovely Eshowe crowd, you are welcome back anytime!


Rhodes Bike Rally

Outstanding scenery
Spectacular Autumn
High altitude riding

Rhodes Cottages together with ex biker, avid traveler, teacher and tour guide, Charl Wessells, organized a hugely successful bike rally over the past long weekend in Rhodes.  The bikers explored our mountains and passes and enjoyed the hospitality of strategically planned brunches and dinners en route by our local farming families in the Rhodes, New England, Wartrail and Bokspruit areas.  Talks on our local botany, geology and history were given by some of our interesting characters.   Looking forward to the next one!